2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Owners Manual - Interior lights list

Interior lights list

A.Rear personal light
B.Door trim lights (if equipped)
C.Front interior/personal lights
D.Center tray light (if equipped)
E.Cup holder lights (if equipped)

Front interior light/personal lights

Operating the interior lights

1 Turns the door position on/off When a door is opened while the door position is on, the lights turn on.
2 Turns the lights on/off

Operating the personal lights

■ Front

Turns the lights on/off

■ Rear

Turns the lights on/off

■Illuminated entry system

The lights automatically turn on/off according to the engine switch mode (position), the presence of the electronic key (vehicles with a smart key system), whether the doors are locked/unlocked, and whether the doors are opened/closed.

■To prevent the battery from being discharged

If the interior lights remain on when the engine switch is turned off, the lights will go off automatically after 20 minutes.

■The interior lights may turn on automatically when

If any of the SRS airbags deploy (inflate) or in the event of a strong rear impact, the interior lights will turn on automatically. The interior lights will turn off automatically after approximately 20 minutes. The interior lights can be turned off manually. However, in order to help prevent further collisions, it is recommended that they be left on until safety can be ensured. (The interior lights may not turn on automatically depending on the force of the impact and conditions of the collision.)


Some functions can be customized.

■To prevent battery discharge
Do not leave the lights on longer than necessary when the engine is not running.